Unlawful Detainer/Eviction Defense

Did you get a 30, 60, 90, or even 3-day notice to pay or quit? Did you get a notice to conform to some stipulation? Our Flat Rate Services will file an “answer” to your complaint and possibly extend your time at your residence.

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Tenant Eviction

Are you a Landlord? Is there a pesky “squatter,” or a tenant you can’t shake. We will deliver the notices, represent you in court, and have your rights represented in a timely-fashion.

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Property Negotiations

Do you and your neighbor have a land dispute? Is your landlord going to evict you? Do you want to engage in  pre-emptive negotiations? This is the service for you!

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Greetings Tenants and Landlords

Honestly, you have come to our page for a reason. The words “unlawful detainer,” 30-day notice, or “notice to comply” are foreign words to many people but we are here to help!

Nobody and I mean nobody, likes going through evictions. It is a process that many people do not know about because it involves a legal act that everyone tries to avoid (and rightfully so!). But, you are here and we LOVE EVICTIONS. We do the dirty-work so you can relax and just see the process to the end.

It won’t be the most comfortable process but we will aid you every step of the way!


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